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Spying and Espionage is almost as old as history itself.

Already in the Bible Old Testament, 4th Book of Numbers, is describes how Moses ordered 12 leaders to spy at the land of Canaan.

"When Moses send them to monitor the land of Canaan, he said:

Go through the Negev and in the mountains and see what people live there. Are they strong or weak? Are there few or many? Is the land that they live in good or bad? Do they live in tents, or strong holds? Is the country, fat or lean? Is there wood therein, or not?

Do everything you can to take any of it growing in the country. - It was at the time when the first grapes ripen ".


This is properly one of the first verified written references to how someone get a mission to spy on another lands defenses and resources, However spying have been around for much longer.

It's claimed that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and spying the second oldest however I do actually think it may be the other way around.


The reason for spying is more or less always because someone want to know something that someone else don't voluntarily want to divulge and therefore you resort to spying to obtain this information.


The idea with a Swedish spy museum have been in my mind for a long time, actually already from 2005 when I was asked to assist in building the Swedish Army Museums Spy exhibition.


Here beside, you can see some modern tools for the spying.

However, before we have secured the funds and are able to build a real physical museum, we are here having a virtual one.

If you would like to see one become a reality, please consider supporting your Indiegogo-campaign. Click the link on our "Nyheter" page or click this text here.

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